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Learn how to actually use the untapped power of your mind  to increase your sales and income and earn more money
Have you ever wondered how Jose Silva managed to sell a course called "Mind Control" to a million people around the world, most of whom didn't believe in ESP? His secrets are revealed in the Silva UltraMind Sales Power Program, now available in a convenient home study system that includes all of his world famous, scientifically researched and proven techniques for solving problems and using your natural God-given intuition to help you reach and exceed your sales and production goals and make the rest of your life the best of your life.
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Joe Girard "I love it, fantastic, a much needed book to make you become the World's Greatest Anything."   -Joe Girard, number one automobile and truck sales person in the world and author of How to Sell Anything to Anybody
Joe Girard, world's Number 1 Salesman, says Silva helps you become Number 1 at anything
Danielle Kennedy Danielle Kennedy, Author of Selling-The Danielle Kennedy Way, says about Jose Silva’s Sales Power book, “Buy the book and do what it says."
Author Danielle Kennedy says to buy Jose Silva's book and do what it says
Mark Victor Hansen "If you can count, you can count on the Silva Sales Power Method to skyrocket your sales. This teaches how to sell your way through the top. Learn to enjoy success, achievement and all the benefits of the good life like time, money and lifestyle freedom while selling yourself by Silva's ideas."   -Mark Victor Hansen, motivational speaker, sales trainer, and author of Chicken Soup for the Soul.
Mark Victor Hansen says Silva leads to success and many benefits
Shakti Gawain "The most important technique I learned in The Silva Method was creative visualization... I found that it was amazingly effective." - Shakti Gawain, author of Creative Visualization
Best Selling Author Shakti Gawain found Silva "amazingly effective"
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Jose Silva, the founder of The Silva Method, is a man I have admired for a long time. I have used The Silva Method of visualization for many years. It has helped me overcome illnesses and accidents and avoid surgery. I urge you to attend Silva training sessions. -Wayne W. Dyer, author of Real Magic
Author Wayne Dyer has used Silva techniques to help him in many ways
See how Sales Power can help you increase your sales and income and put more money in your pocket
Jose Silva’s prescription for success in sales      In this brief video Jose Silva tells what his research revealed about success in sales.
Silva UltraMind ESP Training for Sales Professionals Are you in sales? Do you have clients or customers? Do you need to persuade people? Would you like to be able to mentally detect what they are thinking, what their real wants and needs are? Would you like to put a thought into their mind? Do you want to know how to mentally persuade them to buy? Now you can learn to actually use the untapped power of your mind to increase your sales and income and put more money into your pocket with our exclusive Silva Mind Method Sales Power home study course.
Jose Silva on sales: A few years ago Jose Silva got together with Silva Mind Control’s sales consultant Dennis Higgins and put together the Silva Sales Lecture Series, which was a big hit with the sales people. Then, along with Ed Bernd Jr., Mr. Silva wrote the book Sales Power, the Silva Mind Method for Sales Professionals, which was the Putnam Publishing company's top release for the season, and was endorsed by many of the world's best known sales people. It was translated into so many foreign languages and earned so much money in guarantees and advances against royalties that it was featured in Publisher's Weekly. Now you can have the entire Sales Power System to use in the privacy and convenience of your own home, to help you use more of your mind to increase sales and income....and a lot more. Unconventional Sales Training We don't teach you how to sell. There are plenty of other people who do that, probably better than we could. Most "sales training" courses do one of two things: 1. They teach you strategies and techniques for everything from prospecting to presentation to closing to overcoming objections. Usually, that is all they know how to teach. 2. Some courses focus on you, the person. They claim to help you identify blocks and limiting beliefs that might be sabotaging your efforts, they give you strategies for overcoming "call reluctance" and other kinds of fears that might be keeping you from acting. We provide techniques that you can use to help you change your inner images and improve your selling personality. But that is not our main focus, because, quite frankly, your clients don't care very much about you and your problems. What they want to know is: What is your product or service going to do for me? That is what the Silva UltraMind ESP Training for Sales Professionals specializes in: Inside Information We help you develop tools and techniques that you can use to get to know your clients better, so that you will know what their real needs are even if they don't, so you will know what will please them the most even if they don't know it yet themselves. You will learn to use Effective Sensory (mental) Projection to put ideas into the mind of the client, and also into the mind of the person whose agreement your client needs, so that they will understand the purpose and the value of what you are proposing. Gain while helping others gain We believe - and Jose Silva expressed this in the Laws of Programming that are an integral part of the Silva UltraMind ESP System - that you benefit the most when you are helping the other person to also benefit. That is why our main focus is on your client and how you can best serve your client... even if that means that you refer them to someone else. Has that ever happened to you: There are times that an offer is good, but not what I need. So you turn it down, but you like the offer and the company so much that you recommend it to other people. That often makes 2 parties happy... and both of them thank you: The company and the customer. That is a great feeling, it is truly "The best thing for everybody concerned." A word of caution: What you learn in the Silva UltraMind ESP Training for Sales Professionals is very powerful so we caution you to use is carefully: Avoid pushing somebody into something that is not in their best interest. Karma really works: The more people you help - and the more you comply with the Laws of Programming (must be the best for everybody concerned) the more people you will be able to help in the future. As Willie Nelson puts it: What goes around... comes around. The Complete Sales Power System: You get the best of everything in the Sales Power System. It is not just a sales training course. It shows you how to use the Silva Method techniques to overcome any problem you encounter, to help your family, and much....much more. ORDER NOW....and get started immediately. If you already have one or two of these programs, then you can just order what you don't have. You can choose from instant downloads or CD/DVDs. Get FREE Bonus downloads plus FREE Membership to the Alumni Association - the Silva International Graduate Association. If you are not satisfied, you can return it for a full refund. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Check it out today, and see why Joe Girard, the Worlds' #1 automobile and truck salesman, said it will help you to "become the world's greatest anything." The Complete Sales Power System consist of the following:
What the press is saying: Sales Power is full of stories about people in sales who learn to tap more of their mental power to achieve dramatic success.  -Srikumar Rao, in Success Magazine Freeing the Mind In the late '70s Jose Silva wrote an international best- seller, The Silva Mind Control Method (S&S / Pocket). A "New Ager" ahead of the vogue, he also conducted seminars designed to increase intuition, creativity and productivity. A down-to-earth friend of mine who attended one reported an experience that astonished both himself and a woman in the group. Asked by a third party if he could visualize what he woman had on her shoulder, he stated correctly, "A rose tattoo," then added, "But I'd rather see the butterfly on your buttock." Her response was to run away down the hall. She was back a few minutes later, marveling, "How did you know!" Now a new Silva book is in the stores, Sales Power: The Silva Mind Method for Sales Professionals. There is also an audiotape from Harper. With an assist from agents overseas, New York agent Jeff Herman has sold translation rights in Malaysia, Israel, Spain and Spanish South America, France, Hungary, Thailand, Brazil, Taiwan and Denmark. Other foreign contracts are under negotiation. Income from the various guarantees so far has passed the $100,000 mark. -Publishers Weekly, May 18, 1992. Long known as a million dollar insurance salesman in Pawtucket, Mr. Storin said that he and three others in his office who have gone into the Silva Method undertook a test period. One of the four decided not to use it, but Mr. Storin and the other two who did, he said, have increased production for the whole staff by 490 percent. -The Pawtucket Times “Creative visualization is really what's behind the Silva Method; that is, whatever you can visualize, you can actualize," explains Richard Bach, author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. -Bazaar "...the Silva Method is a practical thing: It can be used for business, health, education, for better family understanding..." -Playboy Silva Method graduates told me they were able to relax, lose weight, quit smoking, find love, and achieve goals that had been eluding them for years. -Family Circle
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Silva UltraMind ESP System Develop and learn to use your intuition and clairvoyant abilities. Learn how to use your ESP when to close, when to speak up and when to be quite. Learn to use more of your mind to make more sales and bring in more business. To learn more about the Silva UltraMind ESP System, or buy it separately, please visit:
Silva Choose Success Program Einstein claimed that he only used 10% of his mind, and the general public uses only about 3% or 4%. And that's what Jose Silva’s mind training systems are all about: learning to use more of your mind. Learn to have greater success with these techniques. To learn more about the Silva Choose Success Program, or to buy it separately, please visit:
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